After much waiting, I finally have some MEDIA available on my website!  Please find the clips below as somewhat representative of the wide variety of musical situations I find myself in.  Most clips are solos from various projects I've been involved in over the years.  All clips are in mp3 format, so it's best to RIGHT click and "SAVE TARGET AS".  I'm already putting together my first solo CD project, so enjoy these clips while they're up.  The clips range from about :20 seconds to around 2:00 minutes.  I'd love to hear what you think, so email me!

THE LIP.mp3 from Maynard Ferguson's 1998 Concord Jazz album, Brass Attitude, (with Dennis DiBlasio on vocals).

ORIGINAL.mp3 from BEAM's 2003 debut recording: Inception.  Completely LIVE and improvised on the spot.  Yeah, that's bass!

RIVERS.mp3 (bass solo) from 2004's Mike Tomaro And the Three Rivers Jazz Orchestra debut album: The Night Owl Suite.  Mike is a fabulous saxophonist and incredible arranger.  Our second album is "in the can".  Stay tuned.

CRAZEOLOGY.mp3 (bass solo) from pianist Max Leake's 2004 album, TRIOS.  Max is ALWAYS swinging, as so is drummer Thomas Wendt.

FUNKY LIKE DYKE, PT 2.mp3 from vocalist Billy Price's 2006 album, East End Avenue.  BP is soul-brother #1.

JAPANESE BRUNCH.mp3 from Joe "Sonny" Barbato on accordian, and his 2006 release, Crackerjack.  One of my favorite musicians. . . ever.

INTEREST OF CONFLICT.mp3 from BEAM's 2006 sophmore STUDIO album, Chemistry.  Dave Throckmorton pieces together something AMAZING, folks!

FENYA.mp3 (bass solo) from THOTH Trio's 2007 second album, Thoth Speaks.  An original. . . Don't ask about the title.

CAPTAIN BACARDI.mp3 (bass solo) from SALSAMBA's
2007 album, Brazilia.  Brazilian sounds from North Star Music.

EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD.mp3 (bass solo) from pianist Rick Gallagher's 2007 CD, Sugar Shack.  Rick puts a great spin on an old 80's pop song.

Teaching at CAPA High School has given me the oppurtunity to write more than ever.  I thought I'd include a couple of my arrangements on this page.  Both are 90 second clips of the CAPA Jazz Orchestra performing during our Spring '07 concert.  The CJO consists of "non-traditional" jazz band instrumentation including violin, viola, clarinet, bassoon, and french horn.

Please email me for information on how I can write an arrangement for YOUR ensemble!

This is one of my favorite Pat Metheny tunes.  I tried to make full use of our string section on this one.  The students did a great job.

The kids got on me about writing a tune, and I relented!  This is an original.

You can also visit
for videos of the CAPA Sax Ensemble playing selections from Miles Davis' Birth Of The Cool album.  I arranged the album's music for saxophone ensemble and guest soloist.
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