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I currently own SIX basses:

My beautiful acoustic bass is a fully carved, 7/8, pre-WWII German bass fitted with a Fishman Full Circle pickup.

Sadowsky 4-string was given to me by jazz bass legend Bob Cranshaw.

My fretless bass is custom built and made with components from
Warmoth, Schaller, and EMG.

A Fender Jazz Marcus Miller 5-String.

A 1999 Fodera Emperor Deluxe 5-String with Bartolini pickups.

A beautiful, custom-made
Willy Franklin 6-String Bass Guitar.

I use various amplification including:

                                     a MARKBASS Little Mark II Head

                                     a Euphonic Audio iAmp 600 Head

                        a MARKBASS Traveller 102P 2x10 cabinet

                                     an EPIFANI 3x10 cabinet

                                           an SWR WorkingPro 12 combo


When I need to amplify my acoustic bass, I use a Gallien-Krueger MBS150 combo amplifier.
Sadowsky 4-string
"Frankenbass" 4-string
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